ICLR Blogpost 2022 Dockerfile

ICLR Blogpost 2022 Dockerfile

This repository defines a docker image that allows users to serve and build Jekyll/Github-Pages sites for the ICLR blog track. The image can be found on dockerhub:

Of particular note is ghp_export.sh. This implements our specific logic for hosting the submitters static site: we generate a unique ID, concatenate a timestamp to it, and then replace the Jekyll URL inside the config folder by it.

Building and Pushing (for ICLR Admins only)

If you are creating a blog post to submit to ICLR, you should not run the following steps! These are to be run by the ICLR blog post track admins when updating the docker image.


Build the image via:

export TAG=1.0.0  # update this!
docker build -t velythyl/jekyll-ghp:${TAG} -t velythyl/jekyll-ghp:latest .

Make sure the tag is incremented appropriately!


Note that you will need push permissions to the docker repository!

export TAG=1.0.0  # update this!
docker push velythyl/jekyll-ghp:${TAG}
docker push velythyl/jekyll-ghp:latest